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EFRS Radiotherapy Webinar Series 2024 (Ep.1)

AITRO ricorda che martedì 30 Gennaio alle ore 20:00 si svolgerà il primo episodio dell’EFRS Radiotherapy Webinar Series 2024 realizzato da EFRS – European Federation of Radiographer Societies dal titolo:

Dose Reference Levels (DRLs) in Radiotherapy CT localisation

Speakers: Dr. Nejc Mekis, Associate Professor of Radiography, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Moderators: Prof. Ainars Bajinskis, EFRS RT Expert Committee Member, LV Dr. Guilherme Couto, EFRS RT Expert Committee Member, MT

Learning objectives:  

1. To understand the significance of DRLs in the context of radiotherapy CT localisation.

2. To acquire insights into the process of establishing DRLs in CT localisation for radiotherapy.

3. To understand the methodology and considerations in the establishment of national DRLs in CT localisation. The paradigm of Slovenia.